What to bring with you on a holiday?

On a holiday, you will have the best time of the year. A new surrounding, new people, new culture, new food and so on. Packing for a holiday can be stressful, so to take away a little bit of that stress we will provide you with some tips. In this blog you will read what to bring with you on a holiday.

Polaroid camera

A Polaroid camera is a camera that delivers a print immediately after the photo is taken. Therefore, a polaroid camera is also called an instant camera. Polaroid is a camera brand and these cameras are best known for their instant picture printing. Then the Instax camera came into the picture, with the same principle. These cameras provide a custom instax film and will print the photo directly after taking it. The instant photo frame can differ depending on the type that you have chosen. But one thing is sure; this is an amazing thing to take with you on a holiday. It is fun to capture all your moments with this camera because it gives them an unique touch. This way you will never ever forget your holiday.


A portable speaker is nice for moments in your hotel room or to have a small party with locals you have just met. Nowadays, you have the most compact speakers that produce very good sound. So it is not very big to take with you but you will have a lot of fun with it. Do not forget to also take your charger with you, otherwise the fun will be of short duration.

Dingen voor een goede nachtrust

Travelling often means spending many hours in a plane, bus or train. There are a few things you can do to make these journeys more relaxing. For example, always take good earplugs with you in case a baby screams for 5 hours and buy a good neck pillow to prevent a stiff neck. A sleeping mask is also useful if you want to sleep in daylight, and don’t forget a thick jumper and socks for when the air conditioning is on 100.


There will always be a time when you are travelling and your phone battery runs out, just when it is not convenient. A powerbank is the solution. Especially when you go on a road trip or a boat trip of several days, a power bank is indispensable.

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