Tips for styling your wedding photos

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One way in which you can ensure your special day is captured in the way you want it to be is to employ some easy yet effective styling tips. These tips will go a long way to preparing you and your retinue and will aid in attaining the best possible results.

Dress to impress

For a great photo make sure everyone is wearing their best outfits so when it comes to your Wedding Guest Dresses you could try suggesting links like

Choose your setting

Before your wedding day decide where you want the majority of the photographs to be taken and liaise with the photographer to make sure they are on the same page. If you are getting married outdoors or in a public venue, be aware that there may be extenuating factors and you may need a backup plan so that you have the features you really want in focus.

Decide on a style

If your wedding is an informal affair you will want your photographs to reflect this and a company can easily accommodate all style requests. Similarly, if you have a specific theme or idea, this needs to be communicated so that the scene can be dressed accordingly and the photographs suit the tone..

Pick a focus

If you have a particular focal point for your wedding photos, be it the ceremony, the first dance or the groom’s first look at the bride, the styling for these photos is very important. Any good photographer will be able to capture the emotion of the moment and ‒ regardless of how contemporary or classic the focus ‒ the photographs should reflect this accordingly.

Opt for candid or posed group photos

Before your wedding day decide whether you would prefer candid shots, more formal wedding photographs, or a combination of both. Many bridal parties will opt for formal retinue photos with more casual pictures of the reception, while others prefer quickly-assembled group shots taken on an ad hoc basis. If you prefer posed snaps, especially with your bridesmaids and groomsmen, practise these or have a basic idea of the format you prefer before the wedding. This will save time and ensure the pictures are styled appropriately.v

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