7 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Food Photography Business

A branch of photography, food photography is a form of commercial photography which can be applied in magazines, advertisements and other media. The aim of food photography is generally to make the food look appetising, though this is not a fixed principle.

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The art of food photography is a beautiful one. When done professionally, a photo of a dish can be capable of making your mouth water. If you want to start a food photography business, there are some important things that you should know before you start. Keep on reading below to find out 7 of them.

1.  Register Your Business:

Any business needs to be registered before it starts. This helps to avoid legal issues and ensure the business follows taxation rules. Registering your food photography business gives it the license to fully and legally operate. If you do not register it and you are caught, you would end up spending money to recover it back. Surely you do not want to be tangled in that problem.

2.  Create an Account for Your Business:

It is recommended that you open an account separate from your personal one for your food photography business. This makes things easier to operate with and allows you to monitor your expenses and income. Monthly bookkeeping is also easier as you get to know, without intrusion, how much money comes in and goes out.

3.  Insurance:

A food photographer needs to purchase insurance for his or her business, especially for all the equipment. Insurance could also be for health, liability, salary, and building.

4.  Create a Website for Your Business:

The world today is largely digital. Most businesses have websites online where they advertise their work for potential clients to find and connect with them. If you are considering food photography, consider opening a website before you begin. When you create a website, make sure you include your portfolio and a summary of your work experience, alongside your contact details.

5.  Consider Your Studio:

One preliminary thing before you begin a food photography business is to choose your studio space. Studio space can be mobile or fixed. Having your studio space in your home is the better option for a beginner. It’s more comfortable and you get more security in storing your equipment.

6.  Select Your Equipment According to Your Budget:

When starting your food photography business, you need to make a list of the most important and primary equipment required for your work, for example, a basic camera, lenses, tripod, and artificial lights. Expensive, fancy camera gears can be alluring, but for a start, they are not important. A piece of expensive equipment won’t make you a genius food photographer anyway. Stick to the basic equipment and get good at it. As you progress and get more professional, you can then consider fancy gears if you wish.

7.  Work with a Food Stylist:

You can say a food stylist is almost, if not, the equivalent of a makeup artist in the food photography world. It is a food stylist’s job to make the food photogenic by arranging it appealingly. As an aspiring food photographer, you would need to look for food stylists near you to work with. They are professionals who know how to work on the food to make it look beautiful. Combine that with your photography skills and watch the magic you create.

Following these 7 trips will give you a solid foundation before you begin your journey to taking delicious photos. Good luck!


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