Month: May 2022

What to bring with you on a holiday?

On a holiday, you will have the best time of the year. A new surrounding, new people, new culture, new food and so on. Packing for a holiday can be stressful, so to take away a little bit of that stress we will provide you with some tips. In this blog you will read what to bring with you on a holiday.

Polaroid camera

A Polaroid camera is a camera that delivers a print immediately after the photo is taken. Therefore, a polaroid camera is also called an instant camera. Polaroid is a camera brand and these cameras are best known for their instant picture printing. Then the Instax camera came into the picture, with the same principle. These cameras provide a custom instax film and will print the photo directly after taking it. The instant photo frame can differ depending on the type that you have chosen. But one … Read More...

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